Rental360 is a modern, flexible platform for companies that need to run their business and rent equipment all from one place. Everything is all on one screen making staff more efficient and giving business owners more control of information needed to make sound decisions to drive profitability.

Rental360 is designed for companies who rent industrial equipment or consumer goods as their primary business or rent inventory as a secondary line of service. Our complete 360⁰ solution manages the entire rental process from check-out and delivery to check-in and inspection.

See Rental360 in Action

Watch our two-minute video to see how Rental360 brings value to the rental process

Benefits Overview

Rental360 manages inventory, tracks depreciation, ties rental activity to financials and other back office systems, provides built-in mobile, ability to attach files and photos, customer portals, activity management, dashboard viewing, and more. It covers a wide range of functional areas such as:

One Place for All Orders

Efficient equipment check in/check out, scheduling and tracking saves time and ensures rental companies get maximum return on equipment investment.

Mobile Enabled

Equipment drop off or damage can be documented with pictures attached to the equipment record, capture customer signatures, look up history and more from the field.


Integration with business systems provides better costing, pricing, depreciation, and ROI tracking for individual inventory items.

Connect Customers, Staff, and Operations

Integration with customer database enables better customer service and targeted communication with clients and prospects.

Service Schedules

Service schedules and records are tied to specific inventory items and notifications are automatically sent when service is due to minimize down time due to maintenance.

Approval Workflow

Rental orders, expense reports, tickets and more can be assigned to an approver for easier management and operation

Built on the Acumatica Cloud Platform

Because our solution is provided as a software-as-a-service subscription, there are no servers for you to install, upgrade, or maintain. We manage that burden for you.

Built on the Acumatica Platform

Built on the Acumatica platform, Rental360 provides complete 360⁰ coverage of all rental needs bringing added capabilities and value to the business process.

Consolidated Record Keeping

Rental360's modern solution lets you see additional information with various file types that are attached to the equipment records. Signed contract images, product pictures, specifications, transaction notations and more can be stored with the product record and shared on your web site, providing a complete record for each item.

Focus on What Needs to be Done Now

Configurable workflows system-wide keep focus on important tasks, like when equipment is due for maintenance or pickup, preventing costly oversights.

Integration Drives Efficiency

Automatic integration with the financials means that accounts receivable, revenue, and inventory accounts are properly debited and credited as rental transactions occur, significantly reducing the manual reconciliation effort.

Mobile Functionality

Rental360 is perfect for mobile use, and rentals can be checked out or tickets completed on a mobile device or at the point of delivery. A delivery driver can complete a ticket and take a photo that can be attached onsite as proof of delivery and documentation of the condition of assets.

Accountability and Clarity

Rental360 helps increase accountability by attaching tasks and assignments to rental items or any object in the system. If a salesperson needs a specific task performed prior to delivery of the item, they can assign a task for technical or support personnel to complete before rental. Instructions are clear because the task can include pictures, drawings, written instructions, product manuals, and more.

Track Status and Time Tracking

With Rental360, task status is monitored and employees can track time when performing a task or activity. For example, if a service technician is assigned a task to repair equipment, the employee’s time can be automatically recorded on the timesheet. This allows managers to track time spent on tasks and track billable time to ensure an accurate number of hours are charged.

Integrated Tools

Rental360’s cloud-to-cloud technology means that rental companies can easily incorporate more applications to support their business such as electronic signature, sales tax applications, survey tools, lead management tools, and more.

What is "ERP"?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an information system by which a rental company manages and integrates the important parts of its business. An ERP system for rental service companies typically integrates areas such as accounting, rentals, sales, service, equipment management & maintenance, asset tracking, purchasing, inventory, marketing, planning, and human resources.

The benefits of an ERP system to the company are many. Here are some of the most important:


An ERP system reduces repetitive processes and the need to manually enter information.


Integrated Information

Instead of having data distributed throughout a number of separate applications that don’t talk to each other, all information is now accessible centrally. This greatly reduces the effort of keeping information consistent and up to date.



ERP software helps make reporting easier and more customizable. Because data from multiple areas is integrated, you can get meaningful related data on the same report, such as equipment rental history and profitability.


Customer Service

Sales history, rentals, receivables and more are all available to customer service people so they can interact with customers more effectively and improve relationships with them.



Centrally managed and always backed up, you will have access to the latest security protocols as well as the assurance your data is safe and available.