Oil and Gas Rentals

With a variety of contractors moving at a very fast pace, equipment rental providers in the oil and gas extraction industry must quickly update contracts and frequently change equipment locations. Timely servicing of customers is the foundation of customer loyalty.

Rental360’s streamlined functionality automates processes such as billing, delivery/pickup, ticket processing, and maintenance scheduling to make the rental process easy. Scheduling maintenance with the “exchange/swap” capability to notify renters that equipment maintenance is due and to provide a replacement eliminates the need to create a new contract line item.

Leveraging Rental360’s contemporary platform with real time assets tracking, equipment rental companies can improve their competitive position and customer satisfaction with more accurate availability and pricing.

Industry-specific Challenges Addressed by Rental360

Rental companies get better insight to improve equipment utilization and customer service by managing the business from a single screen.

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Manage Maintenance and Equipment Relocations

Rental location changes and maintenance can be tracked and scheduled with minimal disruption to the renter.

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Track Fixed Asset Performance

Analyze performance and costs associated with rental equipment.

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Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Easily reward your loyal renters with your best rates, simple rental processes, and dependable customer service.