Industrial Heavy Machinery and Construction Equipment Rental

Industrial and construction equipment rental businesses need timely information to effectively control costs and optimize equipment use.

Rental360’s streamlined functionality automates processes such as billing, delivery/pickup, ticket processing, and maintenance scheduling to make the rental process easy. Scheduling maintenance with the “exchange/swap” capability to notify renters that equipment maintenance is due and to provide a replacement eliminates the need to create a new contract line item.

Rental360 easily maintains equipment specifications to ensure compliance with industry requirements for bids and project estimates. Price models are easily adjusted to calculate more competitive pricing and win more business. Rental owners can easily accommodate project requirement changes with quick insight into concerns such as financial implications, scheduling conflicts, and maintenance delays.

Industry-specific Challenges Addressed by Rental360

Rental360 helps Commercial and Industrial Machinery providers be competitive in their pricing and provide current and accurate information for bids and contracts.

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Simple Insight into Availability and Scheduling

From one screen, get a complete picture of equipment history and availability, including details such as maintenance history, photographs, product spec sheets, and more.

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More Successful Customer Experience

Extend the best discount and price levels using the Rental360 proprietary price calculator to provide the lowest-cost structure for bids, ensuring equipment bids match project requirements.

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Ready to Meet Demand

Preventative maintenance schedules and real-time tracking of asset condition tells you whether maintenance, repair or replacement is needed, ensuring your rentals are ready to fill project needs.