Specialty & Compressed Gas

Specialty gas, compressed gas, and welding supply companies provide unique and necessary services for a variety of industries. Unlike traditional rental businesses, companies that sell the gas but rent the cylinder require systems and solutions that can manage their more complex transactions.

Rental360⁰ can handle the sale-with-rental function with a single click, along with a host of other flexible and modern capabilities to keep your compressed gas or welding company moving forward.

Rental360’s functionality delivers up to the minute tracking of cylinders and other equipment and expected return dates to allow accurate scheduling for the next customer.

Specialty Gas Industry-specific Challenges Addressed by Rental360

Connect your all of your gas cylinder rental and gas sales order details to all of your customer, financial, and operational detail for modern, seamless order processing and insights.

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Increased Insight into Scheduling

Specialty gas distributors can easily schedule rental times, make order changes, and connect rental data with accounting and other back-office functions.

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Complex Orders Complete with One Click

From your “cock-pit-control-center” rental order screen, check the “Sale with Rental” box and all necessary processes will run in the background, creating rental orders, sales orders, contracts, etc.

Content Customers with Enhanced Equipment Management

Streamline the check-out/check-in process, exchanges, and delivery operations for better customer service and equipment utilization.