Rental360 is provided by NexVue, a leading software innovator that has more than two decades of experience helping hundreds of businesses deploy information and accounting systems that help them grow. Through our work with our customers, we’ve learned there are opportunities to solve some of the challenges that rental providers have faced and are not addressed with the software that has traditionally been available to them.

Why NexVue for Rental

We are committed to close partnerships with rental providers, we learn rapidly, and we are business solutions experts


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Working with rental companies, we set out to design Rental360 and use cloud-based technology to solve the problems of outdated and disconnected software. We discovered that the dated software used throughout the industry was leaving many rental companies lagging behind, so we sought to address issues important to rental companies, such as improved agility, on-demand scalability, security and control, maximum value of informational assets, and the lowest total cost of ownership.
Dan Schwartz, NexVue’s president and founder, has built a culture in NexVue for innovation and commitment to customers and the problems they need to solve.