Don’t lose another rental, another hour, or another dollar because your software was too rigid to adapt.

To win in today’s highly-competitive market, rental companies need an ERP solution that handles rentals all in one platform, supports great customer service and provides the internal controls needed to grow business.

Built for Rental Services

Rental360 provides a “cockpit control center” for complete tracking and management of assets with easy to use interfaces that help optimize time with your customers. Functions for rental operations include financial, operations, asset management, ticket and customer management.


Technology, internet and the cloud have changed the way we do business. Rental360 is a modern ERP rental platform developed from the ground up to leverage the latest technology, proven in use by thousands of companies around the globe.

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Rental360 surrounds core rental processing with workflow, document management automatic notifications, mobility and web interfaces to keep you connected. It is a single platform for all business functions and interactions to drive efficiency and lower cost.

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Acumatica’s Modern Platform Supports Improved Controls and Exceptional Customer Experience

The Acumatica solution provides a foundation for Rental360’s “cockpit rental control” single screen for simple asset management, insight into ROI, and proactive maintenance schedules. This improves the customer experience by avoiding delivery hiccups, anticipating customer needs, and providing the most competitive pricing to customers.